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City Center Excavation Shoring Project – Durham, NC

Excavation Shoring Project Description

The City Center is a 25-story mixed use project with two stories of below grade parking. The project is tightly nestled in an historic area of Durham. Excavation shoring was required to maintain streets on 3 sides of the excavation and historic brick buildings along one side.

Subsurface designed and constructed a mixture of anchored soldier pile walls and soil nail walls to allow for the deep excavation in a tight urban area.  Anchored piles were used to control movement of the shoring system along the existing buildings and where existing utility locations would not allow for soil nailing.  Soil nailing was used where feasible to lessen the overall cost of the shoring system.

  • 20 to 30 feet deep
  • 7,000 sf of temporary soil nail wall
  • 10,000 sf of temporary anchored soldier pile wall
  • Armada Hoffler
    Austin Lawrence Partners

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