Virginia War Memorial Secant Pile Wall Project – Richmond, VA

Virginia War Memorial Secant Pile Wall Project – Richmond, VA Construction Project Description Subsurface Construction installed a permanent anchored secant pile wall and temporary soil nail shoring for the VA War Memorial expansion honoring 21st century heroes. Subsurface proposed value engineered systems for the temporary shoring while providing the specified secant pile wall system required […]


Definition FHWA defines anchors as cement grouted prestressed steel tendons that are installed in soil or rock. Benefits Open Excavations: Anchors are used to provide the horizontal force necessary retain temporary or permanent shoring systems for deep excavations.  They provide an open site, as opposed to internal bracing that would interfere with excavation and building […]

Soldier Pile Wall Safety

Soldier pile wall safety is about taking care of people first. Here’s how we do it. Drill Rig Stability Drill rigs must have a stable base to prevent overturning.  The bearing capacity of the soil must be sufficient to support the rig weight and the added extraction force.  If the ground is soft, possible solutions […]

Soldier Pile Wall Construction

Soldier Pile Installation Soldier piles are typically steel H-piles or W sections.  The piles may be driven, vibrated, or drilled into place.  Piles are typically driven or vibrated into the ground where soil profiles do not prevent driving and where vibrations can be tolerated by adjacent structures.  On newer pile driving rigs, the input energy […]